Krysti Lozinski

Makeup & Hair Artist

Whether it’s a feature film or a commercial, watching any video should be an immersive experience. The viewer should be able to get lost in a story and imaginary world, and shouldn’t be distracted by technical glitches. It’s my job to ensure that makeup and hair aren’t among these distractions. The majority of my work and education has been focused on creating and continually refining looks that are HD-friendly.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked to develop techniques and a kit specifically tailored to HD makeup and neat hair with minimal fly aways. Whether I’m creating a natural look or a makeup effect (scar, bruise, etc), I focus on precise color matching and blending to ensure that each look translates well to screen. Once talent is in front of the camera, I continue with touch ups throughout the shoot to maintain polish and continuity.  I have experience working both on set and location, and can create the same quality makeup and hair whether I’m in a green room or a graveyard.

Tools and technical skills aside, I love what I do. Working with talent to enhance their natural features or transform them into characters is a new and exciting experience with every person who sits in my chair. 


Specializing in HD-friendly makeup and hair for:

• Television / Film

• Live Events

• Advertising

• Corporate Video

Also available for private events and other projects.

Can work as a local in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Willing to travel. 


Completed the Film and Television Program at Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles.

Continuing education:

Kett • MAC • Eve Pearl • Ve Neil • David Klasfed • Fred Blau • Amy Ward


Lover of nature and music and all things Henson.  Of asymmetry and color and contrast.  Of creatures and creativity and, apparently, words that start with C.  Of wild imagination and uncensored expression.  Of exploration and curiosity.  Of finding beauty in the least likely places, and creating it when it seems impossible.  



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